What is Promotional Necktie?

Ties and scarves that match your company’s logo or design give your team a professional look. They can also be used to further your brand name and imprint it in the minds of customers and clients.

Ready made promotional scarves

Promotional Scarves

Some ideas for getting custom-created promotional neckties are:

  1. You can get the logo of your company embroidered on the tie
  2. You can use the colors that represent your company and co-ordinate with your uniforms.
  3. You can choose the ties to be created using a certain design element that is an essential part of your company’s business.

Square, oblong, silk or polyester – each one has different uses. Promotional neckties can also be used as corporate gifts. Silk ties and scarves are often used when you want to give a luxurious gift. Polyester styles are often used for scholarships and as encouragement to employees.

Ready Made promotional ties

Promotional Ties

How to Customize Your Promotional Neckties?

There are a number of reputed companies who can customize your neckties for you. You can browse through their catalogs and talk to experts to get inspired for ideas. A team of enthusiastic professionals ensures that your promotional neckties create a significant impression on your target audience.

The process to customize the neckties is as follows. The possibilities are first discussed with you in advance. You can discuss in detail your preferred colors, designs and where exactly you wish to insert the logo as well as your tagline or company initials.

You are then sent a number of digital proofs that meet your needs. From these designs, you can choose the final design that suits your needs best. You usually receive a real sample for approval before the entire batch of ties is custom-created for you.

Beyond Neckties

For special events or promotions, you might want to go one step ahead. Cufflinks or tie pins with your logo make a great addition to promotional neckties. Pocket Squares and scarves can also be personalized using screen printing.

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