What is custom made polyester necktie?

What is the differences between polyester necktie and silk necktie?  This is the most common question that raise to us.  In this article, you will find the in-depth information about the meaning of polyester necktie.  One of the most common by-products of gas refining is polyester. It’s a synthetic fabric that is petroleum based and it can be used to make satin too. It’s known to have the same appearance as silk but with a more affordable cost.

Custom made polyester necktie

Custom made polyester corporate necktie

Some of the best things about polyester are that it resists water and stains very well. It can also keep scents for a long time, so if you spray any kind of perfume on it the smell will remain for a while. It’s not very resistant to heat and it will melt easily with direct heat.

Polyester necktie Characteristics
Creating this fabric is very complicated and it involves a special chemical process that initiates with the same crude oil that we use to fuel vehicles. The polymer fibers are first melted and then bonded. They are finally shaped into long strands that end up being released in yarn and thread, then finally comes the process of knitting them into the final product for it to be released as fabric. There seems to be a lot of dislike regarding the properties of polyester in pure form. This is why it gets combined with cotton and wool sometimes to make the fabric better. It really does not matter what you think about polyester, the creation of the fabric is truly a marvelous thing.

Logo polyester necktie

Logo necktie with polyester material

Polyester necktie pros and cons
There are many great qualities about polyester neckties and this is obviously why you can still see it being produced in large numbers.

Advantageous of polyester necktie:

1) The polyester materials resist wrinkling very well and this helps keeping your tie looking smooth all day long.

2) Stains are also a lot easier to remove when you are wearing polyester. If you get a stain on your tie during a meeting, you will have a much easier time cleaning it with a little water than you would if it was made out of silk.

3) One of the mayor selling points for polyester over silk is the price range which is usually much lower than with a silk tie.

Disadvantageous of polyester necktie:

1) There is a downside to polyester neckties though, they do not breathe as well as other fabrics and this could end up making you sweat more and feel like your neckline is not getting proper ventilation.

2) Polyester might be stain resistant, but it can also stain with certain things and once the stain is there it will be very hard to remove it. This is also applied for smells, so if you sweat a lot, your tie will always smell like sweat.

3) If you apply direct heat to polyester you will get bad results as this could cause it to melt and create a very gooey and hot mess that could actually burn your skin if you ironed your tie and put it on immediately after.

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