What is custom made silk necktie?

Are you looking the information of custom made silk necktie? Today we are going to discuss the elegant silk material as corporate tie. The silk necktie has always been known as a luxury but also as a very popular item that is worn by classy men. Most top designers use silk as their preferred fabric for ties. If the silk and the method of processing are done in a certain way, the result could be a fabric that ranges from the smoothest to what could end up being a stiff and rougher feel.

custom made silk necktie

Custom made silk necktie

The good thing about silk is that it can really be used in any season of the year because the material is not too warm or too light either. Silk is perfect if you are looking for that versatile and classier look.

Characteristics of Silk:
What make silk necktie is an exclusive corporate logo tie? The silk material is very unique  and it is a natural fabric. The process of creating silk starts with the silk worm. These are very laborious little creatures that eat a lot of leaves and they wrap their own bodies in a cocoon in order to grow into a different form. The cocoons then get to be harvested and boiled by people and then the long strands are taken out so that they can be woven to make small threads.
The characteristics of silk are very unique and this is why it’s very easy to distinguish it among other fabric materials. One of the best things about the silk tie is that it can be printed and woven with a very smooth and silky feel to it. In either case the ties will be very smooth and soft to the touch. There is no material out there that feels as smooth as silk, but polyester is a close second. The absorbing power of silk is great when dye is used on it. This usually results in a very strong color that looks elegant and lustrous. Other materials will usually look a less intense and kind of faded. Another unique thing about silk is that it reflects light and this gives it a very classy and one of a kind effect that shines like no other fabric ever could and stands out very well.

Pros and Cons of Silk neckies
The silk tie is a very popular item, but there are pros and cons to this fabric. Here we listed out the advantageous and disadvantageous of silk material necktie.

Custom made silk logo necktie

Custom made logo necktie made with silk material

Advantageous of Silk necktie

The positive side is that it has very intense colours and there is a great natural reflection that it creates. Your tie will hang very straight and it will be very easy to keep it looking good. This all combines into an effect that is almost 3D and it will never look faded or simple.

Disadvantageous of Silk necktie

1) The negative side of silk is that it can wrinkle quite easily. This is why the recommended method of storage for the silk tie is to roll it instead of hanging it on your closet or tie rack.

2) Another problem is that they can get stained easily and removing the dirty spots can be a very difficult thing to do. They will never look as good as they did before even with a lot of cleaning involved.

Do you think that custom made silk necktie is your choose of fabric?  Please contact us at 03-80703828 for further information.

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