Are you looking for custom made logo necktie and scarf?

Custom Made Logo Necktie and Scarf

You have certainly come to the right place if you are looking for custom made logo necktie and scarf for your company. We are the leading wholesaler and importer of custom made corporate necktie for institution and organization for almost 10 years. We are specialized on designing and manufacturing custom necktie for corporate clients, agents and reseller.  We can custom made the ties uniquely for every customer based on the required design, shapes, sizes and colours. Our supplied necktie are made with good quality material and come with competitive pricing.

In Malaysia language, necktie supplier is referring as “pembekal tali leher” or “pemborong tali leher”.  The demand for school tie is far greater than the demand for corporate necktie.

The necktie provides you with a great opportunity to brand your business and you will be able to do more efficient marketing and promotion and you will see great results thank to this marketing strategy. There is no better way to keep your brand in the mind of your customer than to give them a corporate gift that will serve as a reminder of your products and services.

You can also deliver the neckties in a nice packaging box that has your brand and your logo on it.  The packaging box can custom made using the same necktie fabric material to further enhance the uniqueness to reflect the identity of a company. This is even better because now there are two things that serve as advertisement items for your company and usually people will continue to use the box to store other things if they are of good quality.

We have in house designer that can assist you in designing your desire ideas.  Minimum order quantity is only 100pcs.  If you are looking for custom made necktie, look no further, please contact us now at 03-80703828 for inquiry.

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