Are you looking for custom made logo necktie and scarf?

Custom Made Logo Necktie and Scarf

You have certainly come to the right place if you are looking for custom made logo necktie and scarf for your company. We are the leading wholesaler and importer of custom made corporate necktie for institution and organization for almost 10 years. We are specialized on designing and manufacturing custom necktie for corporate clients, agents and reseller.  We can custom made the ties uniquely for every customer based on the required design, shapes, sizes and colours. Our supplied necktie are made with good quality material and come with competitive pricing.

In Malaysia language, necktie supplier is referring as “pembekal tali leher” or “pemborong tali leher”.  The demand for school tie is far greater than the demand for corporate necktie.

The necktie provides you with a great opportunity to brand your business and you will be able to do more efficient marketing and promotion and you will see great results thank to this marketing strategy. There is no better way to keep your brand in the mind of your customer than to give them a corporate gift that will serve as a reminder of your products and services.

You can also deliver the neckties in a nice packaging box that has your brand and your logo on it.  The packaging box can custom made using the same necktie fabric material to further enhance the uniqueness to reflect the identity of a company. This is even better because now there are two things that serve as advertisement items for your company and usually people will continue to use the box to store other things if they are of good quality.

We have in house designer that can assist you in designing your desire ideas.  Minimum order quantity is only 100pcs.  If you are looking for custom made necktie, look no further, please contact us now at 03-80703828 for inquiry.

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What is Promotional Necktie?

Ties and scarves that match your company’s logo or design give your team a professional look. They can also be used to further your brand name and imprint it in the minds of customers and clients.

Ready made promotional scarves

Promotional Scarves

Some ideas for getting custom-created promotional neckties are:

  1. You can get the logo of your company embroidered on the tie
  2. You can use the colors that represent your company and co-ordinate with your uniforms.
  3. You can choose the ties to be created using a certain design element that is an essential part of your company’s business.

Square, oblong, silk or polyester – each one has different uses. Promotional neckties can also be used as corporate gifts. Silk ties and scarves are often used when you want to give a luxurious gift. Polyester styles are often used for scholarships and as encouragement to employees.

Ready Made promotional ties

Promotional Ties

How to Customize Your Promotional Neckties?

There are a number of reputed companies who can customize your neckties for you. You can browse through their catalogs and talk to experts to get inspired for ideas. A team of enthusiastic professionals ensures that your promotional neckties create a significant impression on your target audience.

The process to customize the neckties is as follows. The possibilities are first discussed with you in advance. You can discuss in detail your preferred colors, designs and where exactly you wish to insert the logo as well as your tagline or company initials.

You are then sent a number of digital proofs that meet your needs. From these designs, you can choose the final design that suits your needs best. You usually receive a real sample for approval before the entire batch of ties is custom-created for you.

Beyond Neckties

For special events or promotions, you might want to go one step ahead. Cufflinks or tie pins with your logo make a great addition to promotional neckties. Pocket Squares and scarves can also be personalized using screen printing.

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How to take care for a necktie?

Investing time, money and effort in buying a nice necktie should be supplemented by proper care. You should give your silk ties as much attention as you would to your best suits and shirts. You can’t just dump it in the washing machine with other laundry items such as your favorite jeans. What you need is a little finesse in handling it. Think of the proper approach to caring for your necktie as trying not to manhandle it too much. Neckties do not usually require dry cleaning. As long you untie and tie it correctly and avoid dunking it in soup or pasta, it will keep in good condition. A necktie’s worst enemy is wear and tear so storage is important. If you hang it after wearing, the tie can hold back the ravages of time. Silk is fairly resistant to creases and so with just a little attention, your necktie can last a very long time.

What is the proper way to tie a necktie?

There are many methods to tie a necktie.  The most common is the four in hand knot method as illustrated on the diagrams below. It will suit well for most of the men for any type of neckties.

Tie a necktie step 1

Tie a necktie step 1



Always start with the Wide end(W) and pull the necktie about 12 inches below the narrow end(N)




tie a necktie step 2

Tie a necktie step 2



Cross the wide end(W) over the narrow end(N) and hold the position




Tie a necktie step 3

Tie a necktie step 3



Turn the wide end(W) to the back underneath the narrow end(N) as illustrated on the diagram.




Tie a necktie step 4

Tie a necktie step 4



Pull the wide end(W) to the left in front of narrow end(N)





Tie a necktie step 5

Tie a necktie step 5



Pull the wide end up(W)into the loop of the neck




tie a necktie step 6

Tie a necktie step 6



Bring the front end(W) down to the front loop as illustrated on the diagram




Tie a necktie final step

Tie a necktie final step



At last, tighten the knot gently towards the collar by holding down the narrow end(N) while pulling the knot up




What is the correct way to untie a necktie?

When I was a novice in using neckties, I tend to undo the knot by pulling at the smaller end with as much force as I could muster. It did the job fast enough, but after a while I noticed that the silk had visibly odd creases and soon enough the fabric started to stretch. Then the whole thing started shredding and I realized that it was because of the way I untied the knot. What’s the proper way? The best way to untie the knot is to reverse the tying process. First of all, loosen the knot and then slip the larger end through to undo everything.

Where to Place Your Tie?

Since you don’t fold your nice suit and place it in a drawer, you do not do the same with your necktie. Folding it will leave a crease that you won’t be able to remove. It is also not proper to place your tie with your socks and underwear. Some individuals roll their ties to store them, but you can’t just wait for gravity to roll it out back to its usual form. So hang your ties with your nice shirts and suit. You can even buy one of those trendy motorized racks meant especially for ties. Besides, you can also go for non-slip hangers. Hanging a tie after it is worn will return the knotted area back into shape.

How to remove wrinkle on neckties?

If you see minor wrinkles or a bend on your tie due to folding, you can let it regain its natural shape by hanging it for a while. If you do not have the luxury of time, then steam it so that the fabric regains a straight shape. If you have no steamer, hang it up nearby while taking a shower. If you think that ironing will solve your problem, think again. Applying a hot iron on the silk could discolor it or change its texture. That’s what they say anyway, but in my experience the silk does not change at all with ironing. Anyway, the best way to iron ties (if you must) is to drape a cloth over it and not let the hot metal alloy touch the fabric directly.

Physical care for wearing a necktie

A tie is normally ruined by stains. If you are eating, don’t eat like a baby. Take care not to spill food over your tie. If you lean forward, the tie is at the mercy of gravity and so it will follow you and it might end up swimming in your soup. Your date might find that a turn off. Worse, your tie will definitely not get over the dunking. When you are wearing a tie and you are going to share a meal, tuck it into your shirt first. There are also tie bars which you can use to secure them to your shirt. If you think a tie bar is old fashioned then look for something to use that’s not as visible.

I trust that you have learnt the basic maintenance and care of a necktie in general. A necktie can be long lasting if are paying attention to the above mentioned aspect in daily life.

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How Custom Made Neckties be Beneficial in the Workplace?

There are many companies that make custom clothing for their employees and usually this involves that they will have their corporate logo printed in some part of their clothes. This is great because it helps identify the individuals as part of a team of workers and it also serves as publicity when they go out wearing them.

One of the most beneficial aspects of having your employees wearing custom clothes is that people who visit your business will be able to tell the staff from other customers very easily. The logo of a company is one of the best things to make someone remember a brand.

If your staff wears logo ties this is something that looks even better than the typical logo on the shirt sleeve or front. This will be something that will make people remember your company because it stands out from the regular things that companies would usually do with their work force as far as their clothing goes.

Custom made logo necktie

Custom made logo necktie for employees

When you company is hosting any kind of event this will prove to be a great advantage because everyone that works for you will be easily identified by all the people that attend. The logo on a tie is one of the most elegant ways to display your brand on the clothes of the people that work in your corporation.

You will find that your staff is also going to appreciate this as it means that you take pride in letting everyone know that they are an important part of your corporation. This will always lead to them feeling happy and acknowledged. This will have a great impact on their performance and loyalty to the office they work for. This sort of thing is always more important than most people think.

If you are looking for a reliable necktie supplier, please feel free to contact us at 03-80703828 for further information.

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What is custom made polyester necktie?

What is the differences between polyester necktie and silk necktie?  This is the most common question that raise to us.  In this article, you will find the in-depth information about the meaning of polyester necktie.  One of the most common by-products of gas refining is polyester. It’s a synthetic fabric that is petroleum based and it can be used to make satin too. It’s known to have the same appearance as silk but with a more affordable cost.

Custom made polyester necktie

Custom made polyester corporate necktie

Some of the best things about polyester are that it resists water and stains very well. It can also keep scents for a long time, so if you spray any kind of perfume on it the smell will remain for a while. It’s not very resistant to heat and it will melt easily with direct heat.

Polyester necktie Characteristics
Creating this fabric is very complicated and it involves a special chemical process that initiates with the same crude oil that we use to fuel vehicles. The polymer fibers are first melted and then bonded. They are finally shaped into long strands that end up being released in yarn and thread, then finally comes the process of knitting them into the final product for it to be released as fabric. There seems to be a lot of dislike regarding the properties of polyester in pure form. This is why it gets combined with cotton and wool sometimes to make the fabric better. It really does not matter what you think about polyester, the creation of the fabric is truly a marvelous thing.

Logo polyester necktie

Logo necktie with polyester material

Polyester necktie pros and cons
There are many great qualities about polyester neckties and this is obviously why you can still see it being produced in large numbers.

Advantageous of polyester necktie:

1) The polyester materials resist wrinkling very well and this helps keeping your tie looking smooth all day long.

2) Stains are also a lot easier to remove when you are wearing polyester. If you get a stain on your tie during a meeting, you will have a much easier time cleaning it with a little water than you would if it was made out of silk.

3) One of the mayor selling points for polyester over silk is the price range which is usually much lower than with a silk tie.

Disadvantageous of polyester necktie:

1) There is a downside to polyester neckties though, they do not breathe as well as other fabrics and this could end up making you sweat more and feel like your neckline is not getting proper ventilation.

2) Polyester might be stain resistant, but it can also stain with certain things and once the stain is there it will be very hard to remove it. This is also applied for smells, so if you sweat a lot, your tie will always smell like sweat.

3) If you apply direct heat to polyester you will get bad results as this could cause it to melt and create a very gooey and hot mess that could actually burn your skin if you ironed your tie and put it on immediately after.

Do you think that the custom made polyester necktie is a good material option for your requirement?  Please contact us at 03-80703828 if you need further information.

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What is custom made silk necktie?

Are you looking the information of custom made silk necktie? Today we are going to discuss the elegant silk material as corporate tie. The silk necktie has always been known as a luxury but also as a very popular item that is worn by classy men. Most top designers use silk as their preferred fabric for ties. If the silk and the method of processing are done in a certain way, the result could be a fabric that ranges from the smoothest to what could end up being a stiff and rougher feel.

custom made silk necktie

Custom made silk necktie

The good thing about silk is that it can really be used in any season of the year because the material is not too warm or too light either. Silk is perfect if you are looking for that versatile and classier look.

Characteristics of Silk:
What make silk necktie is an exclusive corporate logo tie? The silk material is very unique  and it is a natural fabric. The process of creating silk starts with the silk worm. These are very laborious little creatures that eat a lot of leaves and they wrap their own bodies in a cocoon in order to grow into a different form. The cocoons then get to be harvested and boiled by people and then the long strands are taken out so that they can be woven to make small threads.
The characteristics of silk are very unique and this is why it’s very easy to distinguish it among other fabric materials. One of the best things about the silk tie is that it can be printed and woven with a very smooth and silky feel to it. In either case the ties will be very smooth and soft to the touch. There is no material out there that feels as smooth as silk, but polyester is a close second. The absorbing power of silk is great when dye is used on it. This usually results in a very strong color that looks elegant and lustrous. Other materials will usually look a less intense and kind of faded. Another unique thing about silk is that it reflects light and this gives it a very classy and one of a kind effect that shines like no other fabric ever could and stands out very well.

Pros and Cons of Silk neckies
The silk tie is a very popular item, but there are pros and cons to this fabric. Here we listed out the advantageous and disadvantageous of silk material necktie.

Custom made silk logo necktie

Custom made logo necktie made with silk material

Advantageous of Silk necktie

The positive side is that it has very intense colours and there is a great natural reflection that it creates. Your tie will hang very straight and it will be very easy to keep it looking good. This all combines into an effect that is almost 3D and it will never look faded or simple.

Disadvantageous of Silk necktie

1) The negative side of silk is that it can wrinkle quite easily. This is why the recommended method of storage for the silk tie is to roll it instead of hanging it on your closet or tie rack.

2) Another problem is that they can get stained easily and removing the dirty spots can be a very difficult thing to do. They will never look as good as they did before even with a lot of cleaning involved.

Do you think that custom made silk necktie is your choose of fabric?  Please contact us at 03-80703828 for further information.

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